Welcome to my new blog — Visual Thoughts

I will be posting custom content soon about photography and my adventures with making pictures.

When journalists get together, we often talk about what didn’t get published. This is called the “back story.” Now, through this blog, I’ll share these types of colorful details with you too.

Since I’ve been making images for decades, I have an archive that features famous bands. In some cases, musicians are now gone. Then there’s the celebrities. What did they look like when? I’ll show you. I’ll label these types of images as “timeless.”

And, just like any journalist, I have my favorites. I’ll share these with you from time to time. Look for the category named, “Bill’s favorites.”

I invite you to join me in my journey by bookmarking this blog page. Check back often for new content. Once I get a few posts in my collection, I’ll create an RSS feed (i.e. really simple syndication) that you can subscribe to. When this happens, you’ll get an automatic head’s up via e-mail when I publish new content. Isn’t technology great?

Thank you for stopping by!

You may also enjoy my new website: http://BillSernePhotography.com There are plenty of photo galleries for you to enjoy and I update the content regularly. If you find an image you like, send me an e-mail to let me know and I’ll create a blog post about the back story. I’ll label these blog posts with the following category: “reader favorites.”

Categories make it easier for you to find content of interest to you on my blog. On the right, just click a category and a custom page of related content will automatically be created for you. When my blog contains dozens of entries, this tool will be very handy.

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