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Happy 2015! I hope the New Year has been treating you well.  The new year is always an interesting time. A chance to reflect for sure, but also one to look forward and perhaps more importantly, move forward.

With that I’m pleased to announce that I’m embarking on a new venture.  In addition to Bill Serne Photography, I will soon be launching a separate wedding and portrait website. After much thought, planning, and yes reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the time is right to separate my wedding/portrait photography from my corporate photography sites.


As part of my reflecting I thought a lot about what I have to offer my clients.  Experience, definitely; skill, of course; fairness and honesty, without a doubt. I also offer flexibility. This is a key component in photography – whether it be in dealing with a schedule, the weather, finding that “one shot” or otherwise.

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I realized that I also needed to use those attributes when looking at my own business.  During my past three plus years with the single site, I have seen that there is a large difference between clients who want editorial photography services and those who want wedding and or portrait photography. I realized that it makes more sense for my wedding and portrait photography to have a different space than my corporate work. The nature of the styles and clients are so different and my goal is to make it easier for all my clients to find and work with me going forward.


The new site will be called Bill Serne Weddings and Portraits. I’ll continue to post more information as we move forward and am excited to have you on this journey.


That said my work, my experience, my availability and flexibility haven’t changed. I’m here to help you make memories, no matter where or how you find me.

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