Graduation Day

Every year I photograph several different graduations. No matter how many I shoot, I never know what to expect so I keep my eye out for unique situations.

This year, the graduation ceremony for Seminole Heights Charter School provided that moment at the Tampa Convention Center.

Brianna is the first in her family to graduate from high school. To her, and to them, it was a monumental moment and accomplishment that did not come easy. 

When she came out of the graduation ceremony and into the lobby, her family was waiting. In this photo, she shares the special moment with her father.

It is life moments like these that often unfold in front of me and my camera. It is these moments that are the most satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling…

…satisfying that in the mass of happy and joyous parents and students, I was able to capture the moment as it unfolded in front me.

…rewarding in that the special moment is frozen in time for me, for you and for the people in the photo to see for years to come.

…fulfilling that the moment, that brief moment, allowed me to peer into and be a small part of such a special time for a grateful family.

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