Florida Weddings

Spring and summer weddings in Florida are no joke.  Grass never looks greener, all the flowering plans are in bloom and the smell of jasmine and gardenias is intoxicating. I’ve been shooting a lot of weddings recently and wow, does the natural beauty of Florida make for a fantastic setting.

Beautiful wedding party at Rocky Point

Recently, I was honored to photograph the marriage ceremony of Cody and Brittanie at the Rocky Point Golf Course.

Bride and Groom taking the golf cart at Rocky Point

It was an afternoon wedding and the setting at the golf course couldn’t have been better. You can see for yourself.

Just Married at Rocky Point

If you have wedding, a reunion or any kind of gathering talk to the folks at Rocky Point. And of course, for your wedding or event photography needs consider me, Bill Serne.

Bride getting ready for her wedding at Rocky Point


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