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The Magic of 2017

2017. We’re coming to the end and I get to indulge in one of my favorite parts of the year. A look back.  This year seemed to be a more celestial visual year than most.  There was the total eclipse – wow – and the “big moon” events.
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Graduation Day

Every year I photograph several different graduations. No matter how many I shoot, I never know what to expect so I keep my eye out for unique situations.

This year, the graduation ceremony for Seminole Heights Charter School provided that moment at the Tampa Convention Center.

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Florida Weddings

Spring and summer weddings in Florida are no joke.  Grass never looks greener, all the flowering plans are in bloom and the smell of jasmine and gardenias is intoxicating. I’ve been shooting a lot of weddings recently and wow, does the natural beauty of Florida make for a fantastic setting.

New Directions

Wedding Day.

Happy 2015! I hope the New Year has been treating you well.  The new year is always an interesting time. A chance to reflect for sure, but also one to look forward and perhaps more importantly, move forward.

With that I’m pleased to announce that I’m embarking on a new …