Capturing Events Through a Lens


Event photography is often my favorite kind of photo documentation. One never knows what will happen in front of a camera lens nor what the photo subjects will do during the event. As a former sometimes sports photographer, events remind me of those days. I enjoy working the events watching as interesting moments can appear (and disappear quickly). If not captured with a camera image, it may as well not have happened.


Events can range from corporate meetings to birthday parties, reunions to special occasions, anniversaries and of course weddings. Each has a unique perspective and I love to capture those moments that make each one special.

As I discussed in my last blog, I am continuing to evolve in my work and my business and have recently expanded into video documentation of these events. I also have a very talented and savvy videographer, Tracee Stockwell, who works with me. Tracee is a seasoned videographer with many years of experience and captures events with finesse and nuance that truly bring the event to life.

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As my business keeps evolving into different visual arenas, I continue to change with it in being creative in ways I have not in the past. After all, the ability to evolve, be nimble and of course reflect is key to being a good photographer.

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