New Directions

Wedding Day.

Happy 2015! I hope the New Year has been treating you well.  The new year is always an interesting time. A chance to reflect for sure, but also one to look forward and perhaps more importantly, move forward.

With that I’m pleased to announce that I’m embarking on a new …

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New Year, New Reflections


“Bailey” in a moment of time. Paw prints in snow on frozen ice is like a life journey. The present is what you see, but eventually the ice and snow will melt. Thus like life. You can see the present but always will have the memories of your life tucked …

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6 Months 2 Years – My Adventure with my Niece

My niece is Lora Wereb. She is my sister Sandy’s daughter. She has Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that has gone into her lymphatic system. Being around her you would not guess that she has this going on. She is energetic, creative, inquisitive and full of life.

I recently planned …

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A Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard Wedding

Several weeks ago my good friends Jennifer and Mike Hefner let me visit them in Reston, Virginia and tag along to a wedding they were photographing. They are both excellent photographers, mentors and editors. They are a husband/wife team for their photo company Vita Images. Their style of photography …

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A Day with Don Zimmer


There are many moments throughout my career that stand out and while we’re winding down baseball season, it made me think of one particular highlight.

In 2004 I was privileged to spend two days with Donald  Zimmer while doing a story with Dave Scheiber for the then St. Petersburg Times.

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A Passion for Nature

Sunset and Sailboat

I celebrated my birthday a couple weeks ago, and as birthdays are prone to do, it got me to thinking back on my life and career. I see now that photography is and always has been a way of life for me. It has been my career for many years, …

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Musings on luck’s role in getting a good shot

I have always thought that good photographers are lucky. Sometimes.

But in my later in life photo experiences, good photographers make their own good luck happen for them.

How is this?

Planning and scouting photo shoots beforehand. This would include knowing what the light will be, where the main subjects …

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Safety Harbor Wedding Captures Couple’s Love and Joy

blog7.weddingOne of my favorite things about photography is documenting human emotion — capturing it in action.  There are few places that are better to do so than at a wedding. I recently did the wedding photography and video for a beautiful couple, Jeff and Paulette. This was a second wedding …

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Dade City Wild Things attraction delivers old Florida, value, paws and more

DADE CITY — Wild animals are right at the top of what I like to photograph. But, this attraction was different.

While on assignment for VisitFlorida at Dade City Wild Things, I got a taste of old Florida.

This attraction cannot compete with the size and amenities of Disney …

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Welcome to my new blog — Visual Thoughts

I will be posting custom content soon about photography and my adventures with making pictures.

When journalists get together, we often talk about what didn’t get published. This is called the “back story.” Now, through this blog, I’ll share these types of colorful details with you too.

Since …

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