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Aerial Images of Florida

Photography has taken me all kinds of places, most recently up in a helicopter over Florida for a project I did for Visit Florida.  We were taking aerial shots of various scenic highways throughout the state.  These images are from that shoot as well as some other aerial shots I’ve taken.


Tampa, Florida. 2/20/2016. Two men fish in the shallows along the Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway and scenic trail. Photos of the Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway and areas along it. Photo by Bill Serne

Aerial photography is a specialized form of image making. One cannot just go up in a plane or helicopter and lean out the window and make good images.

Aerial Shot of Florida Bays

As with photos made on terra firma, it is important to be at the right altitude to compose the photo, at the correct angle to make the subject look as good as it can, and as with other photography, lighting is important.

2/20/2016. St. Petersburg, Fl. An aerial photo of the St. Petersburg boat basin with the city in the background. BillSernePhotography Photo by Bill Serne

Aerials done mid day end up being created with flat light, and there is no depth to the image. Early morning or late afternoon light give the aerial images extra shadow and depth detail and also have that special light look that one gets when the sun is lower on the horizon.

Bradenton Florida. 2/20/2016. Looking down at the causeway and the Palma Sola Causeway Park. Photos of the Palma Sola Scenic Highway and areas along it. Photo by Bill Serne

Photography is an art, a science and always an adventure. Enjoy!

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